Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house

alternative living, living room

You’ve probably heard a lot about tiny houses. Perhaps you too are already dreaming of your own little home. However, it is worth taking a closer look at alternative living beyond the classic tiny house. There are now solutions that are in no way inferior to a tiny house, but have a number of advantages. One of these alternative living ideas is living in a container.
We at Risto Container tell you everything you need to know about alternative living in containerised units in our article.

A shipping container is practical and sustainable?

We have all seen container ships or lorries with the classic 20 or 40-foot containers. The idea of the living container is based precisely on their dimensions, as there are currently far more such containers than can actually be used for freight services. So it’s no wonder that the idea of using old discarded containers for alternative living with a small footprint is an obvious one.
However, you should not allow yourself to be swayed by emotions here, because from a sober point of view, such a container is nothing more than a pile of steel. The effort required to make such unfinished containers habitable is also high and any cut-outs, e.g. for windows, require further work to ensure that they are structurally sound.
A real alternative living idea, on the other hand, is a living container from Risto. This is built from the outset in such a way that it is optimally tailored to your needs and those of sustainable living:

  • Inlets and outlets are integrated
  • Electrical wiring available
  • Additional superstructures such as solar panels possibl
  • Compact but spacious

Living containers from Risto can be planned flexibly

Of course, a container home is an alternative way of living, where the aim is to live comfortably in a small space. Accordingly, small residential containers are particularly popular, although there are options for combining existing containers with new ones.
In direct comparison to the standard containers mentioned above, there are several sizes available for alternative living instead of two standard sizes. Risto Container also scores highly in terms of the equipment options available from the factory. Our experienced team will be happy to help you with your planning – contact us at any time, free of charge and without obligation. From the affordable entry-level model from around €12,900 to the luxury version, everything is possible for alternative living.

You can find inspiration for office container homes that have already been realised on our website. However, there are hardly any limits to your imagination, because even if alternative living is deliberately “different”, it is still an investment in your own four walls and therefore in your quality of life. Due to their small footprint, our living containers can also be easily set up on small plots of land. Particularly suitable for alternative living in a container community.

In addition to the residential containers, Risto Container offers a wide range of other container variants – discover, for example, our sales containers, which offer companies from a wide range of industries the ideal space for customer contact. If you have any further questions, please feel free to read through our container FAQ or contact us at any time!