Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house
Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house

Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house

Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house

Sustainable living in an environmentally friendly container house

It is now well known that humanity in general is living beyond its means. It is not only environmental pollution that is a problem, but also unrestrained consumption and the pursuit of ever “more”. Although there is now a political realisation in many countries that something needs to be done, without people who are prepared to take concrete steps, any boldly communicated goal is merely an embellishment.
While the average living space per person in Germany has continued to rise steadily in recent years, there are more and more people who are taking targeted countermeasures. Container houses, for example, promise sustainable living in a more or less permanent community. Container houses, such as sales containers or office containers, are ideally designed to offer a lot in a small living space. The clever use of space means, for example, that there are numerous storage options or functional areas for sustainable living that can be changed for different occasions with little effort.

  • The integration of renewable energy or the connection to biological sewage treatment systems is also an important point for many people

But is it even possible to live a truly sustainable life in a container house or is it more of a utopia? We believe that sustainable living in a container house (or living container) is very possible. We explain why in the next section.

Sustainable living in a container house

There are many reasons why people are interested in a container house, or tiny house. Some want to live in their own property at a reasonable price, while others want to consciously forego the amenities and daily hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the benefits of their own container home. Sustainable living can play a major role in this, but not every owner fully utilises environmentally friendly options.

As a containerised house or Tiny Haus requires a comparatively small plot of land due to its small footprint, an important contribution has already been made without having to consider anything else: Land is utilised efficiently and cost-effectively. In specially designated housing estates, for example, there is room for significantly more container houses on the same area than would be the case with terraced or semi-detached houses.

Residents do not have to sacrifice amenities to live sustainably, but many of these people are prepared to make a contribution to environmental protection by doing without a little or by using resources more consciously:

Sustainable living, environmentally friendly living bedroom
  • Part of the energy and hot water supply can be provided by solar collectors and PV systems so that energy is generated and consumed in a decentralised manner
  • The garden areas around a residential container are not only used as a garden for recreation, but are often also cultivated.
  • Home-grown fruit and vegetables are ecologically valuable and at least partially eliminate the need for extensive merchandise management.

Residents of container homes or tiny houses are also more open than average to social “sharing offers” – starting with car sharing, tools and all kinds of rarely used items are also used or shared
Living containers from Risto Container are a good basis for sustainable living. We attach great importance to local production and only use selected raw materials. Once set up, one of our container houses is a cosy and long-lasting home. If you have any questions about sustainable living in our container units, please contact our customer service team!

Numerous references of successfully realised residential and office containers are available on our website. If you have any questions about building a container house or similar, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, free of charge and without obligation!

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